Sunday, July 11, 2010

~when its come to holiday~

today i spend my time wif my best buddy jaja...early morning we go to meet my sis and having breakfast together..then we go to mid and go to maybank fair..then we go to sing a song 'karok tyme' at shah alam..we go there for two hours until we lost our voice..hehehe...then we go to subang specialist center to visit jaja friend..then we have fun eating at flamingo...full of tank...thanks jaja cuz spend tyme together today, having so much fun with u..but im still frustrated with sumthing...but after all...we cant get anything in one time just appreciate with what in front of us...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

~not feeling well~

today im not feeling like im goin to office..i woke up early in morning bt then feeling not well..i call my bos and inform her bout my sickness...atcually since yesterday im not felling well...maybe its too much to think until i fell not in mood...when i ignore all the messy things, its wont dissappear but it will incharge all my body and make me not well..i really hate to meet a really afraid to wait for the medicine that i have to take..i hope it will turn to be a small and colorfull pills with strawberry flavour..hehehe...but after all...i think i still have to go through this dad once say 'girl, if not feeling well, just go to see doctor...because only doc can check it out' im always reply this..' its okay ayah..i will get better soon..i will take panadol and get a rest then im okay...hehehe...when im not feeling always think that porridge from MCD will make me better...then i will take panadol and drink 100 as im a staff of organization im still have to go meet doc to get MC...waaa~gtg all...take care all~

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


if he say he love yo but yet he has another girlfriend?is it normal to love two person in one time?if we push him to admit of course they will choose us aite?bt what the perfect way for s to sure bout this?we need secure in what eva situation rite?is it secure for us to have someone who 'have' someone?should we trust love or our feeling?hurm....not yet any conclution rite?

Monday, June 28, 2010


have u eva feel u were stuck in a dark and empty room?im stuck in it and waiting for star to shine me..i did try my best but if diz the fate...i have to believe in it..i hope MIRACLE!!!!saya berjanji takkan berputus asa walau apa pun melanda dan saya akan berusaha bersungguh2 dlm memperbaiki idup saya...PROMISE

Friday, June 25, 2010

~when life is so bored~

morning back..minggu nih dpat ta lik ke kpg halaman..taiping..perasaan?mesti la syok habiss...hehehe..tapi tup3 sok da kena balik hope i have power to choose..kdg2 kan i felt like lost mls nk g keja n tensen sgt..nak g holiday...gaji da yg best atc..hurm i wonder if i have a small business..mcm best je kan..kena kerja kuat cikit i good in bussiness...we will noe it soon...hehehe

Saturday, January 30, 2010

~its life should be~

do u ever feel like u all alone in this life?
have u ever wish to create ur own life story diffErent from what happen rite now?
do u wish to create ur own character in ur life?
if all ur wish above will be fulfil, do u think u will be the best human being in this earth?
i dont think so..
life is perfect...its surrounded by sad and happy things..
it will combined together and be a best climate!
We can change everything but not our fate
so just move along..
stand straight and ready for becoming!
create smile on ur face and moving foward...
we all can do it!!

i'm back...(haluu)

hye...da lama tak dpdate blog masih wujud gak blog nh...hehehe..last update bfore aku grad...hehehe...anyways...alhamdullilah aku da kja...alam pkerjaan nh tersgt la mencabar nasib bek my opismate semua cool...hehehe...kdg2 rndu zaman blajar..bgn je tido siap2 g klas...blik leyh lepak2...plg stress skit pon waktu final exam....oopsss dgn assignment..hehehe...skrang nh mcm2 kn blajar...kena jd fast learner plak tu...lmbat ckit kena tinggal...hehehe...nk cuti bkn men susah.mcm tulis surat cinta..

hehehe...but im trying to make my working life fun as a part of mylife...njoy+good staff...hehehe..what happen next?aku redha je..hehehe..hidup ini suatu pementasan...hehehe...anyways...rite now aku kat kmpung nh...bored2 nulis blog...sok lik da..isnin ada outing dgn dak opis...nanti jmpa lg erk....